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  • Amazing

    Nola is amazing! Her scents are always on point, and everything she sells is top quality. I buy from her over and over.

  • Awesome smelling candles

    Awesome smelling candles, with fantastic packaging. Everything was perfect and on time, and they had a nice personal touch. Great customer service! Thanks Nola!

  • Probably my favourite small Irish business

    Nola's candles are excellent quality and very reasonably priced- particularly the Sabbat boxes which are great value. Highly recommended, excellent customer service too.

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  • The most gorgeous and well crafted candles

    The most gorgeous and well crafted candles. Absolutely delighted with every order I have placed. Every candle I have received is of the best quality and beautiful, would recommend to anyone

  • I can't say enough nice things about…

    I can't say enough nice things about Cailleach Candles- every candle is a work of art and smells absolutely divine. Have yet to meet one that I didn't like (which says a lot given my hefty collection!)

  • Magical Makes made Locally

    The Rose Gold tins are beautiful and the crystal & herb inclusions add that extra touch of magic. Nola is a wonderful communicator and clearly loves the products she creates.

  • I am addicted to those candles

    I bought many candles und Boxes already and I am addicted. She creates awesome fragrances and decorates each piece with love. She has high ethic standards. Even my friends started to order her candles because they were caught by its beauty.