• Crystal Infused Candles

Nola is amazing! Her scents are always on point, and everything she sells is top quality. I buy from her over and over.


Probably my favourite small Irish business. Nola's candles are excellent quality and very reasonably priced- particularly the Sabbat boxes which are great value. I have a big collection of her candles and use them as a staple on my altar for every holiday. Highly recommended, excellent customer service too.


I can't say enough good things about Nola and her gorgeous products! I have been a Cailleach Candles customer for about 5 months and started off with the Sabbat Boxes. Not only are they great value for money but the quality of the products is- and I can't stress this enough- top notch. Nothing is downsized or half-done and I get a thrill every time I open one up. A small candle will fill a room with the most glorious scent that really sets the mood. The Rose Gold tins are beautiful and the crystal & herb inclusions add that extra touch of magic. Nola is a wonderful communicator and clearly loves the products she creates. She is so generous, popping in a few extra crystals or wax melts with a delivery. Magical Makes made Locally by a Magical Person.