Sodalite Snowman

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There are a wide range of healing properties associated with sodalite crystal. It has a focus on logic, emotional balance, intuition and clarity. Healers looking for truth and perception will make use of the sodalite stone, and it also enhances intelligence. It is able to reduce fevers, and is able to assist with insomnia.

There are some people who hold the belief that sodalite is able to lower blood pressure, and at the same time boost your immune system. It has a focus on the throat and larynx, and so wearing the crystal or stone on a chain around your neck will allow it to lie close to the areas of your body in which it is most effective.

Some have found that it is able to assist with weight loss, as well as with water retention issues. For those of us with calcium deficiencies, sodalite might be a good stone to turn to.

Some studies have suggested that placing a sodalite stone on your desk near your computer can actually protect one from electromagnetic pollution. Cell phones as well as computers emit this type of radiation.